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Fringe Factor: We Didn’t Come from Monkeys!

A Texas Education Board hopeful campaigns on an anti-education platform. Immigration reform will be the unmaking of America and two radio hosts call for a military coup.

01.12.14 11:45 AM ET

Texas Education Board Candidate: ‘We Know We Didn’t Come from Monkeys!’

Meet Lady Theresa Thombs, real estate agent, self-described “international evangelist,” and Texas State Board of Education hopeful running on an anti-education platform. At a State Board of Education forum this week, Thombs delivered several low blows to her Tea Party opponent, accusing him of falling behind on child support, having no other management experience beyond working at Chuck E. Cheese (he rebutted that he was “a Chuck E. Cheese regional trainer!”) She also claimed that another 12-year Republican incumbent board member was a “lifelong Democrat.” Laying out her positions, Thoms made clear that, if elected, she’d make sure history lessons were written by “experts, not people from some socialist higher education.” After all, she said, “We know we didn’t come from monkeys!”

Immigration Reform Will Unmake America

Immigration reform that involves paving more pathways to citizenship will be “the unmaking of the America,” according Stephen Steinlight, a senior policy analyst at the conservative non-profit Center for Immigration Studies. In an interview with a Washington Times blogger last week, Steinlight laid out a dramatic scenario in which “America would turn into a One Party State which, like all others, would be tyrannical and corrupt. The political center would lurch to the left. Political liberty, the freedom to choose among authentically different alternatives, would be lost,” he said. Among his long list of alarmist predictions for American destruction caused by immigration, Steinlight warned that “Amnesty will weaken national security, making America an easier target for Jihadist terrorism,” adding the argument that “Dual language/dual culture countries are plagued by Balkanizing social strife.”

Radio Host Calls for Military Coup Against Obama

Radio host Pete Santilli and right-wing activist Jim Garrow called for a military coup against the Obama administration on Santilli’s show this week. Garrow joined Santilli on his show to talk about President Obama’s alleged plot to murder him, a tale he’s been trying to push on anyone who will listen for a couple of weeks now. Santilli, who has previously called for Obama’s murder and for Hillary Clinton to be “shot in the vagina,” called for “the military to restore our Republic. Is it a military coup?” he asked. “I would say that is probably the most orderly fashion to do this.”

Newt Gingrich: The Planet Was Much Hotter During Dinosaur Times and Life Was Fine

Former House Speaker, past presidential hopeful and self-described “amateur paleontologist” Newt Gingrich made one of the most curious arguments against global warming concerns on CNN’s Crossfire this week. “The age of the dinosaurs was dramatically warmer than this is right now and it didn’t cook the planet,” he said. “In fact, life was fine.” Who are we humans to say what is the right temperature for the Earth, he asked. And another thing: if everyone is so upset about the planet heating up, why do people go on tropical vacations during the winter? “The number of people leaving Minnesota this evening to get to the Caribbean versus the number of people leaving the Caribbean to try to get to Minnesota would argue that slightly warmer wouldn’t be a crisis.”