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Fringe Factor: Criminalize Homosexuality, For the Love of Black Men

If you care at all about black men, you’ll vote to criminalize homosexuality. Obama is secretly murdering critics and today’s boys are being neutered. Another week in wild theories from the fringe.

02.16.14 11:57 AM ET

Bryan Fischer never fails to be an endless source of Fringe Factor material. This weekend, the American Family Association spokesman and right wing radio host paid tribute to National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness day by giving a new motive to his existing war on homosexuality: his love for black males. Fischer misread a Centers for Disease Control fact sheet from 2010 about black males in the U.S., saying that they make up “six percent of the population”–it’s actually 12 percent–and “44 percent of HIV” infections in the country. “This is black genocide,” Fischer declared, revealing that he is also under the impression that being gay might not exactly be legal in the U.S.: “If you are for the legalization of homosexuality, you are for the acceptability of homosexuality, you are for the normalization of homosexuality, you do not care about black males. You have no compassion in your black heart for black males because they're being decimated by HIV/AIDS ... So why am I opposed to the normalization of homosexual behavior? Because I love black males. I want black males to live long, prosperous, healthy, disease-free lives.”

Obama Murders His Critics

The Obama administration is going to great lengths to silence his critics, claims WorldNetDaily writer Erik Rush. On Thursday, Rush writes in his column on the right wing website, “patriot groups,” journalists, and outspoken government officials are subject to harassment by law enforcement and federal agencies, hacking, illegal search and seizures and even, according to some hypotheses, murder. “These are however, not new tactics,” notes Rush. “Prior to and during World War II, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party employed the same sorts of tactics--although the technology was different--to silence the opposition. It is a matter of historical fact that disinformation, intimidation, sabotage and even murder have been widely employed by ascendant modern socialist and communist regimes.”

Bullied Kids Commit Suicide Because Today’s Boys Are ‘Neutered’

Actor, NRA board member, and new reality TV show star R. Lee “Gunny” Ermey is concerned about the disputed suicide epidemic among bullied teens. But it’s not the bullying he’s worried about, it’s the “neutered” young boys who kill themselves because they haven’t been taught to fight back. “You know what? I was bullied when I was a kid, but I tried diplomatically to get out of the situation,” Ermey said during a promotional interview with NRA News for his new Sportsman Channel show, “Saving Private K-9.” “If that didn’t work, then I would resort to force, I would pop the guy in the snot locker, drop him down on the deck, and he would think twice before he came and bullied me again.”

Good Thing James Holmes Had That 100-Round Magazine

Colorado state Sen. Bernie Herpin offered up one of the most far-fetched arguments on behalf of selling large amounts of ammunition this week by suggesting that it was perhaps a good thing that James Holmes had a 100-round magazine when he shot up a movie theater in Aurora. At a legislative hearing, Wednesday, Herpin was arguing on behalf of his own proposal to overturn Colorado’s ban on the sale of magazines with more than 15 rounds, when Sen. Irene Aguilar pointed out that “James Holmes bought his 100-capacity magazine legally” and that “this law would have stopped James Holmes from purchasing a 100-round magazine.” Herpin agreed that, sure, maybe Holmes would not have been able to buy so much ammunition, but then said, “As it turned out, that was maybe a good thing that he had a 100-round magazine, because it jammed. If he had instead had four, five, six 15-round magazines, no telling how much damage he could have done until a good guy with a gun showed up.”