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Kate Middleton DJs in McQueen



And Jessica Chastain to play Marilyn Monroe in upcoming film.

Kate Middleton DJs in Alexander McQueen: On Day 16 of the royal tour of Australia and New Zealand, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stopped by The Northern Sound System youth center in Adelaide…to learn how to DJ. Dressed in a repeat pale pink Alexander McQueen skirt suit, Kate Middleton took a turn spinning on the facility’s deck boards—proving the Duchess has no problem relating to a young demographic. [Fashionista]

Dylan Penn Lands Modeling Contract: With parents like Sean Penn and Robin Wright, it’s no surprise that London's Premier Model Management—which helped launch the careers of Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, and Cindy Crawford—has officially signed the 23-year-old actress/model. "We are very excited to be working with Dylan," Emily Sykes, head of special bookings at Premier, told Vogue UK. "She represents the modern model and muse—so intelligent, with bags of personality and talent. We see great potential." [Vogue UK]


Nyong’o Is People’s Most Beautiful

Nyong’o Is People’s Most Beautiful People

Oscar winner gets the title.

People magazine has named Lupita Nyongo' its “Most Beautiful” person for 2014. The Oscar winner graces the cover of the magazine's most recent issue and is the 25th holder of the title. In addition to receiving accolades for her performance in 12 Years a Slave, the ingénue was praised for her beauty. However, she tells the magazine that “light skin and long, flowing, straight hair," are the features she wanted growing up in Kenya. "Subconsciously, you start to appreciate those things more than what you possess," she said. Nyong'o said she's happy to be on the cover of People “for all the girls who would see me on [it] and feel a little more seen.”

Read it at People

Fashion Cheat Sheet

Weir & Lipinski Snag Derby Gig



And blogger Susie Bubble to write a book.

Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinksi's Kentucky Derby Gig: After stealing the spotlight as commentators at the 2014 Winter Olympics—and later covering the red carpet at the Academy Awards for Access Hollywood—ice skating duo Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski are back. Continuing their match made in co-host heaven, NBC has enlisted the pair as fashion correspondents for its coverage of the Kentucky Derby, scheduled for May 3. We can only hope that the pair’s outfits are as fun and over-the-top as they were in Sochi. [Daily Mail]

Was Kate Upton Bumped for Kimye Vogue Cover?: In the midst of a massive fashion-frenzie freak-out that can only be described as a Kimye Vogue-pocolips, rumors have begun to surface that the “#WORLDSMOSTTALKEDABOUTCOUPLE” bumped supermodel/actress Kate Upton from its April cover. On Monday, Jonathan Van Meter—a frequent contributor to the publication—confirmed that his feature was indeed switched out last minute. "After getting bumped from the cover of April Vogue for Kimye and finding out only once it hit newsstands, I think I have earned the right to post this little bit of frothy praise," he posted to his Facebook page regarding a review of the magazine that named Van Meter’s Upton article the “jewel of [the] issue.” [E!Online]

Cut and Paste

When Perfect isn’t Good Enough

When Perfect isn’t Good Enough Getty Images

Not content with supermodels, lingerie company asks men and women to fabricate the “best of.”

So it seems that British lingerie company BlueBella decided to do a poll in which 500 men and women identified their favorite celebrity body parts. The company cobbled those features together to create the “perfect" man and woman.  According to Women's Health, this project “resulted in four very different (and slightly unnatural-looking) people.” Very different is a bit of a stretch, considering the results are two extremely idealized, extremely thin women (slightly more voluptuous in the male fantasy) and two equally idealized, extremely muscular men (slightly more buff in the female fantasy). The actual purpose of this exercise remains unclear. To make women feel better that men prefer large breasts on their models? To foster body insecurity among men? Women and men and girls and boys are already confronted day in and out withidealized, Photoshopped images of actual individuals. Is it really necessary to play Frankenstein?

Read it at Women's Health

Fashion Cheat Sheet

Terry Allegedly Offers Shoot for Sex

Terry Richardson

Rabbani and Solimene/Getty

And Nike is discontinuing its FuelBand.

Terry Richardson Allegedly Bargains Vogue Shoot for Sex: On Sunday, model Emma Appleton posted a screenshot photo to her Instagram account (which has since been deleted) of an alleged message from the notorious photographer Terry Richardson that read, “if i can fuck you i will book you in ny for a.shoot for Vogue.” A spokesperson for Richardson—who has been accused of sexual assault by models numerous times—denied the authenticity of the message, telling Buzzfeed, "This is obviously a fake. Terry did not send this text." Vogue's PR representative also emphasized that the magazine has not worked with the photographer since 2010 and confirmed it has no plans to do so in the future [Gawker]

Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP is Swimming in Debt: Shedding light on the inner workings of actress Gwyneth Paltrow's luxury lifestyle blog, GOOP, Radar Online obtained the “brand’s” corporate documents that plot out its financial margins for 2011 and 2012. While swimming in $1.5 million of debt, and expenses surpassing the blog’s profits, Paltrow, as well as the company's CEO Sebastian Bishop, somehow still managed to receive a sizeable increase in pay during that time period—from $200,000 to $600,000. [Jezebel]

New York City Ballet

What It Takes to Create a Ballet


Choreographer Justin Peck in rehearsal for his work-in‐progress with New York City Ballet principal dancer Tiler Peck. From the documentary Ballet 422, directed by Jody Lee Lipes. (Jody Lee Lipes)

A new movie at the Tribeca Film Festival takes an intimate look at young dancer Justin Peck's road to opening night as he choreographs the 422nd ballet for the New York City Ballet.

In Ballet 422, a new documentary debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival, director Jody Lee Lipes captures the two-month conception, preparation, and execution of the New York City Ballet’s 422nd new ballet under the helm of an up-and-coming choreographer, 25-year-old Justin Peck, who was dubbed “the third important choreographer to have emerged in classical ballet this century,” by The New York Times’s dance critic Alastair Macaulay.

The film opens with the following statement: “The New York City Ballet is one of the foremost creative dance companies in the world.” Founded in 1948, the NYCB consists of 91 full-time dancers, but Peck, who joined the Corps de Ballet (the group’s lowest tier of dancers) in 2007, is the only current NYCB dancer who choreographs for the company.


Israel’s Mad Hatter

Fashion Cheat Sheet

The Duchess's DVF Dress Sells Out


WPA Pool/Getty

And 'FASHION' magazine denies Lorde's photoshop claims.

Kate Middleton's DVF Dress Sells Out: The world cannot get enough of The Duchess of Cambridge's fashion choices. Within a matter of minutes of photos surfacing online showing Middleton's Thursday look, the blue and white Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress she was wearing sold out in its most popular sizes. “The phone has been ringing off the hook,” said Drew Hirsch, an employee at DVF's Meatpacking District store. “That's just how influential [Middleton] is in fashion.” The frenzy, known as “The Kate Effect,” comes as no surprise—Middleton’s style choices have previously boosted the sales of Tory Burch and Whistles. [New York Daily News]

Roberto Cavalli May Sell Company For $621 Million: According to sources close to the deal, agreements may be reached shortly between Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli and buyout firm Permira. The potential $621 million sale would end a 40-year-long ownership for the animal print-loving 73-year-old designer, but “The Leopard King” would still retain between 20 to 40 percent stake in the company. [Reuters]

Behind the Lens

Designing the New Dior


Designer Raf Simons looks at a vintage Dior dress from the documentary DIOR & I. (CIM Productions)

Two years ago, Raf Simons was an unexpected pick to take over the fashion house. A new documentary follows the creation of his first collection. Spoiler alert: It was a huge success.

On Monday, April 9, 2012, Christian Dior announced the appointment of Belgian designer Raf Simons as creative director of his historic fashion house. Simons was an unexpected candidate to succeed the controversial John Galliano, who was fired from his 15-year stint at the label following an anti-Semitic outburst at a Parisian café.

Simons, who has maintained his namesake menswear line since 1995, was an unlikely choice for a house with a strong foundation in haute couture. During his time at Jil Sander, he approached collections with a predominately minimalist aesthetic that emphasized simple lines and clean silhouettes. Plus, he tended to stay out of the spotlight.

Audrey Louise Reynolds

In this Fashionable Selby film, dive into Audrey's beautiful world of natural, earth-infused colors, dyes, and designs.

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