1920's London: In Color

Looking for an escapist trip to a bygone era? The British Film Institute has posted some of the amazing footage from Claude Friese-Greene's 1920's color films capturing British life. Scroll down to see some of our favorites.

In 2006 the BBC and the British Film Institute co-produced the documentary series The Lost World of Friese-Greene which explored the works of Friese-Greene as he set out to record life on the road in England for collection of films The Open Road. Compiled as a series of shorts, the intial showings were not successful as his tehcniques for coloring the film were found disruptive by the audience. However, in 2013, the films are a delight, as it is fascinating to see instantly recognizable landmarks captured in their inter-war daily life. Above is the short The Thames opposite the Tower of London, London (1926).

Hyde Park, London (1926). Check out the fashionable women strolling through Hyde Park towards the end of the clip.

Eton Wall Game (1921). Here's a fun clip showing the young men of Eton playing a strange sport.

Petticoat Lane, London (1926). Watch as the masses of people look at the camera with both curiosity and a tinge of fear.

For more of the fascinating videos head over to BFI's YouTube page.