2 Chicago Cops Shot, Manhunt Underway

An intense manhunt is underway across Chicago after two police officers were shot Tuesday night, when the perpetrators allegedly pulled up to an unmarked law-enforcement vehicle and opened fire. The officers survived the shooting with non-life-threatening injuries—one was shot in the back, the other in the hip, local reports indicate. They were in serious condition but both were reported stable Tuesday night. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said authorities are speaking to three people of interest in the investigation. “It’s just another example of how dangerous this job is,” he said. “And I think people take it for granted that when police officers come to work every day, they put their lives on the line every single day they get in their car.” Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez, whose 15th Ward covers the neighborhood where the shooting occurred, said, “It is incomprehensible that this continues in our city, in our state, in our country.” Johnson added, “Listen, if they will fire at police officers like that, they they have no thought process in terms of firing at other citizens of this great city. So, we are going to get them.”