2 Killed in Argentina Rock Concert Crush

Two people were killed and several others injured at an open-air rock concert in Argentina on Saturday night, authorities said Sunday. More than 250,000 fans were attending the concert by Indio Solari in Olavarria, and things “got out of hand” when the crowd rushed toward the stage, leaving some people crushed as they fell down, local mayor Ezequiel Galli said. He said at least 12 people were hospitalized with injuries from the incident, in addition to the two killed, the BBC reports. “We are working with the health teams to calm relatives and to be the contact between the relatives and the patients,” he was cited as saying. The singer had noticed the chaos unfolding from the stage and stopped performing several times to urge security to help the fans who had been trampled. “Has someone fainted? What is going on there? There are people on the floor, please! Security! Get up, please, get them out of here,” he shouted. The identities of the victims have not yet been released. Organizers said far more people attended the concert than expected, which authorities believe is to blame for the overcrowding.