20 Healthiest Food Food Items, from McDonald’s hamburgers to Pizza Hut slices

New Year’s resolutions to slim down don’t mean that you can’t eat fast. The Daily Beast pores over fast-food menus, and uncovers the 20 healthiest options—no salads required.

The slew of diets on the table for 2011 generally involve one consistent problem: keeping a low calorie count on the run.

Gallery: Ranking the 20 Healthiest Fast-Food Options

But there are options out there. Some burgers, chicken sandwiches, and pizza provide at least a healthier alternative to, say, the gut-busting Baconator Triple from Wendy’s. In fact, turns out that two of the better-for-you items on this list are from Wendy’s.

In trying to find healthier fast food, we looked at the three lowest-calorie menu offerings—excluding salad—at popular national fast-food chains. We then eliminated choices that had more than 35 percent of calories from fat—a government threshold for relative healthiness. The final list was narrowed down with an equal weighting of calories, saturated fat, sodium, and carbohydrates.

The next time a salad isn’t filling enough, and the siren call of the bacon burger isn’t strong enough, these 20 options offer a tad of flexibility.