20 Unhealthiest Holiday Drinks Ranking, from Dairy Queen to Sonic

Is that seasonal cheer a heart attack in a cup? From Dairy Queen’s 1,050-calorie liquid pumpkin pie to Sonic’s 1,256-calorie spiced blast, The Daily Beast ranks the unhealthiest holiday drinks.

Gallery: Ranking the 20 Unhealthiest Holiday Drinks

Why do so many start the new year on a diet? Perhaps it has something to do with the holiday drinks foisted upon us, most of which give the semblance of coffee, but are decorated with tasty add-ons like whipped cream, cookie bits, flavored syrup, and melted chocolate, and can pack as many calories as a full meal and more than the recommended daily allowance of sugar for an adult.

To cull the list of the 20 most fattening holiday drinks, The Daily Beast gathered nutritional information for limited-run holiday beverages or year-round festive options from nearly every chain restaurant and coffee house. For each drink, nutritional information for the largest size available with the most gluttonous options (whipped cream, whole milk) was chosen.