Drug War

22 Tourists Kidnapped in Acapulco

Well, this is terrifying: It's been reported that an armed gang kidnapped 22 Mexican tourists in the popular resort city of Acapulco on Thursday. The tour group, consisting mostly of auto company workers from the neighboring state of Michoacan, was searching for a hotel for their weekend stay when they were abducted by gunmen, said a witness who was traveling with the group. The man went into a nearby shop to buy something and the group was gone, he claimed. The man has since disappeared. Acapulco is the setting for a violent turf war between rival drug cartels and Michoacan is the home of La Familia Michoacana—a notoriously violent cartel. While drug-related violence is up in Acapulco, this is the first mass kidnapping there. The prosecutor's office said it is unaware of the motive for the kidnapping, or who might be behind it.