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3D Revolution Will Be Televised

Avatar director James Cameron urged TV producers to embrace 3D, despite heavy costs, at a technology forum in Seoul. Though manufacturers hope 3D televisions will revolutionize the industry the way the switch from black and white to color did half a century ago, analysts warn that consumers who just spent big bucks on flat screen TVs aren’t ready to shell out more cash for 3D units. But Cameron promised the revolution is coming, so producers should begin filming in 3D as converting 2D film isn’t cost-effective. Samsung and LG Electronics released 3D TVs earlier this year, and Sony will offer one this summer. Though demand for the technology totals only about 2.3 million units this year, experts predict it will reach 15.6 million in 2013, and 64 million units in 2018. "You've got the channel, you've got the sets," Cameron said. "The missing piece is content. You've got to get the content."