4 Dolphins Players Kneel During National Anthem

A game between the Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks on Sunday became the latest venue for a demonstration against the national anthem, a protest started by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick last month. Four Miami Dolphins players kneeled during Sunday’s “Star-Spangled Banner” in support of Kaepernick’s protest against racial inequality and police violence, while Seattle Seahawks players stood and linked arms. Dolphins running back Arian Foster and teammates Kenny Stills, Michael Thomas, and Jelani Jenkins all kneeled. The team later issued a statement saying that while they “encourage all members of our organization to stand” during the anthem, they “also recognize that it’s an individual’s right to reflect during the anthem in different ways.” Separately, the Kansas City Chiefs also decided to make a statement during the national anthem at a game against the San Diego Chargers. As several players interlocked arms while standing at attention, cornerback Marcus Peters raised his fist. Peters said it was in support of Kaepernick “raising awareness” about America’s “justice system.”