50 Cent Backs Hillary Clinton For President: ‘It’s Hillary Time!’

The hip-hop impresario sat down with The Daily Beast and opened up about why he’s supporting Hillary Clinton for president in 2016.

“It’s Hillary time!” proclaims rapper 50 Cent, announcing to The Daily Beast that he is backing Hillary Clinton to be the next president.

Back in 2007, the Grammy-winning rapper, actor, and entrepreneur told Time magazine that he wouldn’t be publicly endorsing anyone but said he “liked Hillary.” He would later switched his allegience to Barack Obama after his moving speech on race.

Now that Obama is stepping down, however, 50 Cent says he’s all-in for Hillary 2016.

“I like some of the things that Hillary says,” 50 Cent told The Daily Beast, while in New York to promote the TV crime drama Power. The show is about a New York City nightclub owner/drug dealer whose criminal past comes back to haunt him. He produces and acts on the Starz show, with its second season premiering June 6. The rest of our conversation—which touched on topics ranging from police brutality to fugazi rappers to Floyd Mayweather—will be published in full next week.

“I also think Hillary was the president already once. You know what I’m sayin’? Some of the things she says feel really comfortable, and roll off. When people are really close with each other, they use each other as soundboards because they’re the other person’s best friend.”50 Cent says he was also impressed with the way Hillary stood by her husband, President Bill Clinton, in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky Oval Office sex scandal.“Even Bill’s imperfections run very consistent within men—the lust factor out of convenience. Things happen at points, and her seeing past that made her human to me,” 50 Cent says. “It made that love between her and Bill real to me. When you make other people feel different because of what they’ve conditioned themselves to feel about the subject, it made me look at her and think she’s made life choices that she’s willing to stand by—and in a place where people would do what they felt like other people would expect them to do, instead of going on their feelings. It’s so public that it can allow the perception of it to sway which way you can go.”

On the subject of women in the White House, 50 also believes that the current FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, could make a run someday.

“And even Michelle [Obama], I think there’s a point where she’ll come back and there will be an opportunity there,” says 50 Cent, with a smile. “Definitely.”

The full interview with 50 Cent will be published next week here at The Daily Beast.