Royal baby

50% Chance Royal Baby Could Be a Redhead

Geneticists believe there is an even-money chance that William and Kate's baby could be born with red hair.

"For the child to have red hair, both parents need to be carriers," Alistair Moffat, director of a company caled BritainsDNA which carried out the research told the Daily Mail."Princess Diana and Prince Charles must both have been since Prince William’s brother, Harry, has gloriously red hair. The way the genetic dice fall, that means Prince William has a 67 per cent chance of being a carrier of the gene variant. The question remains, is Kate a carrier? As a result of our study, we can say she has a 38.3 per cent chance of being one. If those percentages are averaged, it is 52 per cent likely that Kate and Wills will have a red-haired child."