Everybody Hates Charles

69% of Britons Don't Want King Charles

69% Britons do not want to see Prince Charles ascend the throne, and 51% would be happy if the crown skipped a generation and passed directly to William, according to a new poll which casts serious doubt on the effectiveness of the Prince's protracted PR campaign to win back the hearts and minds of the British people, after comprehensively alienating them by his treatment of Princess Diana and subsequent marriage to his long-time girlfriend, Camilla.

The research was carried out as part of a poll of three counties poll (UK, Australia and Canada) which have the Queen as head of state, by Angus Reid Public Opinion, and it makes gloomy reading for Charles, for while only 31% of Britons support Charles's claim to the throne, a mere 17% of Canadians and just 13% of Australians would be happy to see 'King Charles'.

It seems unlikely that the British monarchy would be able to retain its position as head of state in these overseas realms were Charles to become King.

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are the lowest rated members of the Royal Family in the research, which questioned 1,506 Australian adults, 2,019 British adults and 2,005 Canadian adults and has a margin of error of +/-2.2%.

Camilla is viewed favourably by just three-in-ten Britons (31%), and her rating drops to 21 per cent in Canada and 16 per cent in Australia.

There is a clear preference to see the throne leapfrog Charles. The popularity of Prince William is evident in a question related to succession.

Practically half of respondents in all three countries (52% of Australians, 51% of Britons and 47% of Canadians) say they would like Prince William to become King after Queen Elizabeth II.

Overall, 54% of Britons, 33% of Canadians and 36% of Australians currently want to remain a monarchy.

Kate Middleton is viewed 'favorably' by 77% of Britons, Harry by 72%, Philip by 52% and William by a staggering 82%.