Conspiracy Theories

71 Percent of GOP: Polls Are Skewed

A Quinnipiac University poll out Tuesday sees President Obama 4 points ahead of Mitt Romney nationwide and 18 points ahead of his Republican challenger among female voters, just the latest in a series of polls in the past week or so that show Obama in the lead. Some might say Obama’s polling success is the result of deliberate skewing in his favor. In fact, 71 percent of Republicans would say that—at least according to a new Public Policy Polling survey commissioned by Daily Kos and Service Employees International Union. This skewed-poll conspiracy is a real thing—as evidenced by the new website, but it’s not just affecting the fringe right. All voters surveyed—regardless of party—were split over whether election polls are biased. Forty-two percent say they are, while 40 percent believe they’re not.