A Plus-Size Star Is Born

Jessica Simpson may be on the cover of the September Glamour, but it’s the plus-size blond model on Page 194 that’s garnering all the buzz. Lizzi Miller, a 20-year-old who weighs 180 pounds and measures a size 12 to 14, appeared nude—belly roll and all—next to a story “What Everyone But You Sees About Your Body.” Though Miller was not originally included in the text of the article, editor Cindi Leive took to her blog to address the tremendous reaction to “the woman on page 194.” Together, Leive and Miller appeared on the Today show to discuss the revelatory un-airbrushed, “real” photo rarely seen in an industry that values protruding bones, not tummies. Women are now, Leive says, “actually seeing something that looks the way so many of us really do, but that you don’t see represented that often.”