Actress Sues The Weinstein Co. for $5 Million, Alleging Negligence

Another actress has come forward to accuse disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse, and she also slapped The Weinstein Company with a $5 million lawsuit alleging negligence. In court documents filed Tuesday, Dominique Huett argues the company was aware of Weinstein’s legal settlements with his alleged victims and thus complicit in allowing him to continue preying on actresses, Variety reports. Huett’s account of her encounter with Weinstein in a Beverly Hills hotel in 2010 echoed allegations made by other accusers. Huett said she met with the producer to discuss possible film and television roles, but he left the room only to return wearing nothing but a bathrobe. “Weinstein then demanded that Ms. Huett perform a massage on him, and subsequently requested to perform oral sex on Ms. Huett,” court documents read. “Ms. Huett repeatedly said ‘no’ to Weinstein’s requests, but Weinstein persisted.” Alleging that The Weinstein Company “had actual knowledge of Weinstein’s repeated acts of sexual misconduct” prior to the incident, Huett says the company “condoned and enabled Weinstein’s sexual misconduct with young women” for years.