Adele Dazeem Debuts on Broadway, Justin Bieber’s Private Parts Blurred

And Conan O’Brien will host MTV Movie Awards.

Good afternoon! Here's your afternoon culture news links:

Idina Menzel Renamed Adele Dazeem in Playbill. The editors of the If/Then program won’t let it go, because it was just so funny. New York Daily News

Nude Justin Bieber videos released. It shows Bieber urinating for a drug test, but the judge ordered his private parts blurred. Miami Herald

Steven Spielberg to reboot West Side Story. Spielberg decides to remake a classic. Deadline

Conan O'Brien to host the MTV Movie Awards. The quasi-popularity contest brings on O’Brien, its oldest host to date. Los Angeles Times

Oprah to LiLo: ‘Cut the Bullshit.’ Oprah’s latest documentary is on Lindsay Lohan’s tumultuous recovery. New York Daily News