Adele Grammy Crasher Arrested

Adele’s surprise Grammy crasher is rolling in the deep—the deep end of jail. Save for the evil glare Jennifer Lopez gave the surprise intruder, who scampered on stage to congratulate Adele after her win for Best Vocal Performance, his presence nearly went unnoticed. Unfortunately for him, authorities were watching and arrested Vitalli Sediuk, a Ukrainian TV presenter, on suspicion of trespassing. In playbacks of the scene, the sly Sediuk can be seen running on stage to whisper “I love you, Adele” to the British singing powerhouse. After he was quickly ushered off after the incident, authorities discovered he had been backstage without credentials. Fun fact: it wasn’t his first rodeo. The bizarre man once made headlines for laying a smooch on Will Smith during the red-carpet premiere of Men in Black 3.