Ahmad Khan Rahami Wanted for NYC, Seaside Park Bombings

The FBI announced it is searching for Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, of New Jersey in connection with a bombing in Manhattan on Saturday night as well as the one in Seaside Park, New Jersey, earlier that day. Agents executed a search warrant in the city of Elizabeth, where Rahami is believed to be living. Rahami was born in Afghanistan in 1988 and is a U.S. citizen—and “should be considered armed and dangerous,” the FBI said in a bulletin.

Rahami was announced as a person of interest hours after pipe bombs were found in a garbage can near a train station in Elizabeth on Sunday night. On Saturday morning, a pipe bomb in a trash can in Seaside Park exploded along the route of a Marine Corps 5K charity run. That evening, one pressure-cooker bomb exploded in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, injuring 29 people. A second pressure-cooker device was found unexploded five blocks away.

A U.S. government official told The Daily Beast that Rahami was not on any federal terror watch lists.