Ahmadinejad Heads to America

Watch out, sparks may fly on Monday. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is headed to the United States for a conference on nuclear nonproliferation. He will address the United Nations Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty tomorrow and may be planning to present major proposals to the conference that would allow Iran to continue its nuclear program—one Iran insists is geared toward creating nuclear energy, not weapons of mass destruction. The move to discuss Iran’s plans at the conference may suggest Ahmadinejad’s growing sensitivity on the subject. “The biggest threat to the world today is the production and stockpiling of nuclear weapons,” he said. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may not be convinced so easily. Earlier this week, she said, “Iran, with its anti-Semitic president and hostile nuclear ambitions, also continues to threaten Israel, destabilize the region and sponsor terror.” While the United States is seeking diplomacy, there will be no compromise when it comes to Iran’s development of nuclear weapons, said Clinton.