Air Force Academy to Probe Sex Assault

The U.S. Air Force Academy has ordered an investigation following a allegations that cadet athletes committed sexual assault, took drugs, cheated on exams, and violated the school's honor code in various other ways. An investigation by the Colorado Springs Gazette prompted Superintendent Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson's call for the Inspector General to probe the school. The Gazette's investigation uncovered allegations that athletes used date-rape drugs on women. “The girls' drink, or Captain Morgan with the blue lid, was only for girls to drink,” said confidential informant cadet Eric Thomas in a written statement regarding a January 2011 party in which blue liquid laced with “roofies” was reportedly served and "four or five females did not recall what occurred the following day after the party." While this specific party was investigated and resulted in some student dismissals, the report indicates that the school has not sufficiently responded to athelets' behavior. Johnson said the new probe would "help in eliminating subcultures whose climates do not align with our institutional core values.”