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Alec Baldwin’s Airline Apology and More ‘SNL’ Damage Control (Video)

From Baldwin’s airline apology to Palin’s run-in with Tina Fey, celebs who used the show to right wrongs.

Baldwin Takes Flight

Nothing says “I’m sorry” like apologizing—to yourself? Saturday Night Live veteran Alec Baldwin appeared on the show just days after being kicked off an American Airlines flight for refusing to turn off his phone. On Weekend Update, dressed as the plane’s captain, Baldwin issued an apology from the airline to himself. Something about this is so wrong it’s right.

Take That to the Bank

Running a presidential campaign can get expensive—just ask John McCain. In 2008, the Republican nominee was climbing the polls but falling behind in the money department. This SNL spoof features McCain and Palin (a.k.a.Tina Fey) on QVC because, as he says, it was the only airtime they could afford.

Gore Earns Giggles

Who knew politicians could be so funny? Al Gore appeared on SNL to poke fun at some of his shortcomings during his run for the White House in 2000. He also showed how finding the perfect running mate wasn’t too different from finding a romantic mate.

Lasser’s Loopy Tale

Before Lindsay Lohan, there was Louise Lasser. In the actress’s monologue, as host of the final episode of SNL’s first season in 1976, she starts to tell a “personal” story about being “in Beverly Hills.” The crowd snickers—just a few weeks prior, Lasser was arrested in Beverly Hills for unpaid traffic tickets and $6 worth of cocaine. Producer Lorne Michaels was no fan of Lasser’s attempt at damage control: after her appearance on the show, he banned her from returning.

Not So Funny Is Funny

Does the wind apologize for not blowing? Does the sun apologize for not shining? No. But a comedian does apologize for not being funny—if that comedian is Bill Murray. In this clip, Murray hilariously admits that he’s not been funny in recent sketches and asks the audience for forgiveness.

Palin Goes Rogue

After her infamous interview with Katie Couric, Sarah Palin was looking for a way to redeem herself with voters. Enter Saturday Night Live: the VP candidate appeared on the show and even shared the stage (albeit briefly) with her body double Tina Fey. She made America laugh, but unfortunately for Palin, the world never forgot about that interview.