Box Office

Alice’s Wonderful Weekend

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland broke records this weekend with an estimated $116.3 million domestic haul. Disney’s 3-D adaptation of the classic Lewis Carroll tale easily beat out the $83.8 million bar set in 2004 by The Passion of the Christ to nab the title of biggest-ever opening in the first quarter. Worldwide, Alice grabbed an astounding $210.3 million, making it the biggest foreign opening in the winter or spring, according to Disney. Alice debuted to mixed reviews, but word of mouth for the film is still positive. Brooklyn’s Finest, the only other film to debut on Friday, came in second with $13.5 million, edging out previous box-office topper Shutter Island with $13.3 million. The majority of the top 10 remained in line, with Oscar-nominated Crazy Heart the only film to show positive gains, with a 36 percent uptick in sales.