Alito: Marriage Ruling Destroyed Limits

Justice Samuel Alito blasted the Supreme Court’s decision that struck down prohibitions on same-sex marriage, saying in an interview with Bill Kristol that the decision effectively annihilated any sort of limits on constitutional protections. Future justices could use this “post-modern” conception of freedom to attack minimum-wage laws or, in the case of socialists, to find a right to a free college education. The court under Chief Justice Rehnquist, Alito said, had limited “liberty” under the Fourteenth Amendment as “rights that are deeply rooted in the traditions of the country. So you had to find a strong historical pedigree for this right,” Alito said. “But the Obergefell decision threw that out, did not claim that there was a strong tradition of protecting the right to same-sex marriage. This would have been impossible to find. So we are at sea, I think.”