Alleged Child Rapist Jacob Blair Scott Faked Suicide, Officials Say

An alleged child rapist is suspected of faking his suicide just days before he was expected to plead guilty, U.S. Marshals said. Jacob Blair Scott was facing 14 charges in Jackson County, Miss., last summer for allegedly attacking a young gir. Scott, 42, went missing on July 30 from nearby Orange Beach, Ala., several days before he was poised to admit to the crime. Cops then discovered a dinghy in the ocean, with a gun tied to the vessel. There was also what appeared to be a suicide note that listed contact information for his family. Deputy U.S. Marshal Katrina Crouse reportedly said that authorities were suspicious of a suicide theory, as there was very little blood found on the boat. Scott’s body also wasn’t found. Authorities believe Scott might be hiding out in Denver, Colo., where his mother, sister and brother live.