Alleged Frat Shooter Frequently Posed with Guns

The Northern Arizona University student who shot and killed one person and wounded three others early Friday morning loved guns and frequently posted about them on social media. A university official confirmed to The Daily Beast that the Steven Jones, 18, identified as the shooter is the same person seen in the photographs.

On Friday afternoon, NAU announced that Jones is facing a felony murder charge, as well as three aggravated assault charges.

But before the incident, Jones boasted about his guns. “It’s a full auto kinda day,” he captioned one Instagram photo of himself at an indoor range, holding a machine gun. “‘Merica,” Jones wrote for a July 4th selfie of himself with a shotgun slung over his shoulder, donning an American flag shirt and hat.

In another photograph, Jones wished his father a Happy Father’s Day while the pair posed in an open field holding hunting rifles. Jones was not a member of the Delta Chi fraternity.