Alternate Cosby Juror: ‘We Let Andrea Down’

In a televised interview Monday, an alternate juror in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial said he would have convicted the television star of drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand. Alternate juror Mike McCloskey sat in on the trial in the event that one of the 12 jurors could not fulfill their duty. Though jurors were instructed not to speak on the case, McCloskey, who was not present for their deliberation, said he was unsurprised when the judge declared a mistrial. He described the jurors as a group with many differing personalities. “You know, he congratulated us, and commended us for the job we did. But I felt like we let Andrea down,” McCloskey said. “I felt like we could have brought justice. But unfortunately being an alternate, I didn’t have a decision in that matter.”