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Amateur Stuntmen, the iPhone 6, and More Viral Videos

From a near-fatal motorcycle stunt to an exclusive look at the iPhone 6, WATCH our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

Comedy Central

5. Amateur Stuntman

Deep down, we probably all wish we were lucky enough to be in the movies. Some might want to be the star, others to direct, but it takes a special breed to want to risk life and limb as a stuntman. This Belarusian motorcyclist seems to be auditioning for the unenviable job and nearly gets himself killed at around the 1:30 mark.

4. Exclusive Look at the iPhone 6

Any upcoming release of a new Apple product guarantees a deafening cacophony of idle speculation from tech sites. The iPhone 6, due to debut this fall, has not disappointed in this regard, with the cult of Mac seeking information about the new release with increasing desperation. Luckily, ‘Doldo’ from the Second City Network has arrived to quench their thirsts, and have a laugh at their expense.

3. Batman Takes His Talents to Japan

New York has seen a dramatic drop in crime in recent years, and maybe Gotham has shared in the progress. Either way, it seems that Batman, despite being the hero the city deserves, is not the one it needs right now. So the Caped Crusader has taken his talents to Japan, where he cruises the highway, breaking traffic laws and thrilling passers by in equal measure. If nothing else, you can appreciate this imitator’s commitment—and costume design.

2. Dad Catches Daughter in Selfie Photoshoot

One has to worry for the future of the selfie as a monument of today’s youth culture. When parents, politicians, and other “dignified adults” get in on a popular tech fad, you’ve got to think it’s the beginning of the end. After all, kids are giving up Facebook because their parents are joining (pro tip: don’t accept the friend request—the consequences are worth it) just as they ditched MySpace long ago. The selfie is alive and well for the youth in this video, as her giggling dad records her goofy self-photoshoot during what must have been a particularly brutal family car ride.

1. Jon Stewart on Ferguson

The Daily Show’s absence during the protests and riots in Ferguson, Missouri, that followed the shooting death of Michael Brown reminded us all how much we miss Jon Stewart when he’s not around. The show returned from hiatus this week, and the host got right to work talking about Ferguson. Taking Fox News commentators to task and offering a telling anecdote about race in America from close to home, this segment made it feel like Stewart never left.