Amazon Pulls Products Following Complaints They Were Offensive to Muslims

Amazon has pulled more than a dozen products from sale after receiving complaints that the items are offensive to Muslims. The products included doormats, bath mats, and other items that featured Islamic calligraphy and references to the Prophet Muhammad. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) told Amazon it found the products offensive because they “would be stepped-on or otherwise disrespected by customers.” Following the group’s statement Thursday, Amazon took the products down and updated its guidelines to prevent similar items being sold again. “We thank Amazon for its swift action on this issue and hope it sends a message to manufacturers of such inappropriate and offensive items that they will not profit from Islamophobia or any other form of bigotry,” said Masih Fouladi, executive director of CAIR’s Washington state chapter. An Amazon spokesperson said: “All sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who do not will be subject to action including potential removal of their account.”