Lawsuits: Amazon Unfairly Fired Pregnant Warehouse Workers

Seven lawsuits were filed against Amazon from former warehouse workers alleging they were unfairly fired after their pregnancy required them to take longer bathroom breaks and not to lift heavy objects, CNET reports. The lawsuits were reportedly filed over the last eight years and accuse warehouse managers of being unwilling to accommodate the needs of pregnant workers. One worker describes being berated after taking bathroom breaks, claiming the manager said “being pregnant is no excuse for being late.” Another worker says she was told by a doctor to take three days off work after getting the flu, but a human resources manager told her Amazon “does not accept doctor’s notes.” She says she was fired four days later. Other requested accommodations, like longer rest breaks and a department change that would require less physical movement, were allegedly not made. Six of the lawsuits were reportedly settled out of court. Amazon denied that it measured the length of bathroom breaks and told CNET it was “absolutely not true” that it would fire an employee for being pregnant: “We work with our employees to accommodate their medical needs including pregnancy-related needs. We also support new parents by offering various maternity and parental leave benefits.”