American Anarchist ‘John Galton’ Fatally Shot in Mexico

An American anarchist who called himself “John Galton”was fatally shot in his Acapulco, Mexico home, according to a report. Galton’s death sent shockwaves through the resort town’s circle of anti-establishment expatriates. The close-knit community hosts courses on issues such as making a profit on cryptocurrency. Galton’s partner, Lily, claimed that gunmen went right for him and his friend Jason Henza. While Henza suffered bullet wounds to his leg, armpit and hand, he survived, discharging himself from a private hospital that same day. Mexican police claim they discovered pot and drug-processing materials in the home of Galton, who is known for his pro-marijuana views. It’s unclear whether “Galton” is his real last name or whether its a moniker referring to “John Galt,” the archetypal capitalist hero of Ayn Rand’s individualist novel Atlas Shrugged