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American Eagle's Spray-On 'Skinny Skinny' Jeans Are, Thankfully, A Joke

Earlier this week, American Eagle Outfitters released news of their “Skinny Skinny” jeans -- pants so tight that they actually “fit like a second skin.” The jeans mysteriously came in a spray can, and were offered in two washes: “Indigo,” and “Bright Light.” Jeans in a can? Didn’t sound right. We knew something was fishy, too, when we learned they were listed as “One Size Fits All” on the Website, and boasted a “new SkinTight technology.” But then they released a ridiculous video of people actually wearing them… and it was clear it was one big joke. Then corporate people from American Eagle went on The Today Show on Friday to laugh all about it. Next week, apparently, there’s a “secondary release” of some other product, that sounds like it will also be a trick. Mark our words: we will be ready.