American Ebola Patients Got Secret Serum

The National Institutes of Health provided the two Americans who contracted the Ebola virus with a experimental medicine that was flown top secret to Liberia. An insider source says that "ZMapp," a medicine yet to be tested on humans, was given to Kent Brantley and Nancy Writebol. Zmapp had been tested on four monkeys, but they received it within 48 hours of infection. Brantley had already been sick with Ebola for nine days before he received it. The two patients had to sign informed consent releases, but the drug appears to have helped them. Hours before it was administered, Brantley’s breathing was labored and he apparently said he believed he was dying. The day after he took the drug, he was showering on his own. ZMapp is not available to the general public, nor has it even gone through the clinical trial process.