Forms of Flattery

American Psycho Muse: Tom Cruise

When Christian Bale was looking for a muse for his depraved American Psycho character, he turned to none other than Tom Cruise, Hollywood megastar and Scientology fanatic, director Mary Harron said in an interview with Black Book. Bale reportedly came across Cruise doing a guest spot on Letterman one night and identified the Martian-like qualities he knew Patrick Bateman possessed. "[H]e just had this very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes," said Harron, who may have found her wheelhouse in such horroresque films. Her next project is The Moth Diaries, a true fear flick about a young girl who strikes up a friendship with a strange, mysterious girl when she moves to boarding school. Harron's inspirations include David Lynch, David Cronenberg, and Roman Polanski, who she says mastered psychological horror in his making of Rosemary's Baby.