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Amy Winehouse's Wedding Dress Stolen, Anna Wintour Defends Tory Burch

Amy Winehouse’s Wedding Dress Stolen: Two dresses that belonged to deceased signer Amy Winehouse have been stolen from her home, just days before they were supposed to be auctioned off for charity. Winehouse’s anchor-print wedding dress and a newsprint Moschino performance dress were taken as conservators were cataloguing her belongings for sale, says her father Mitch Winehouse. “Her wedding dress was only a little cotton thing…whoever nicked it realized its significance and knew it had an extra value,” he told The Sun. The two dresses were expected to fetch a combined value of more than $200,000. [ELLE UK]

Martha’s Glitter Stops for No One: Leave it to Martha Stewart to get crafty on Halloween. The domestic authority went dressed as a ‘Glitter Queen’ by concocting a costume made of Scotch tape and her own brand of glitter. The bad news? She laid off 12% of her staff the next day. [Page Six]

Tory's Got Backup: The ugly battle between Tory Burch and her ex-husband rages on -- this time in the pages of Vanity Fair's December issue. Writer Vanessa Grigoriadis focuses on Chris Burch's derivative new company, C. Wonder -- which he claims isn't a rip off of Tory's brand. In the article, both Anna Wintour and Diane Von Furstenberg come to Tory's defense. Says Wintour: "The person who has been at every single appointment over the years is Tory. Tory is the one who has always talked to us about her aspirations, and her ideas for growth, how she saw the brand, asked advice on people she might want to bring in—it’s always been, as far as we’re concerned, 100 percent Tory’s business, and we’ve never had anything to do with Chris." [VF]

Lana Del Rey Rumored to Front Versace: Lana Del Rey is rumored to be the new face of Versace. The news came courtesy of Twitter feed @LanaDelReyWorld, who wrote, “NEWS: after being the face of H&M and Jaguar, @LanaDelRey is now officially the face of the clothes label, #Versace. Photos will follow!” A Versace spokesperson has yet to make comment on the speculation. [Vogue UK]