News from Israel

An Inflated Threat?

“Entry into Israel is permitted only to its declared friends. Not a Spanish clown and not a German writer, certainly not human rights activists. An ignorant, extremist, Christian American right-winger is welcome; an intellectual, conscientious European left-winger is sent to the expulsion cell. Israel 2012.”—Gideon Levy on Israel’s reaction to the plan of pro-Palestinian activists to fly-in Sunday and say “Free Palestine.”

Shin Bet questions Israeli activists linked to upcoming ‘fly-in’ protest. (Haaretz)Palestinian Authority blames Gaza for deficit mess - Western-backed PA says it has poured $7 billion to Gaza since Hamas seized control in 2007, blames Hamas for stymieing efforts to balance books. (Ynet)Iran cuts oil supply to Germany, preemptively ceases oil sales to Spain and Greece (Agencies, Ynet, Israel Hayom)Iran’s official inflation climbs to 21.5% (Agencies, Ynet)Coming soon: Hezbollah’s take on the Second Lebanon War - Lebanese movie theaters are preparing to premiere “33 Days,” a cinematic look at the 2006 Second Lebanon War. (Israel Hayom)

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