Andrew Sullivan Joins The Daily Beast

In exciting news for the two-year-old Daily Beast, the blogging trailblazer has moved his influential Daily Dish to our site. His blog now occupies a new channel, and he will become a Newsweek contributor.

I am thrilled to share the news that Andrew Sullivan is bringing his trailblazing journalism to The Daily Beast. Andrew almost single-handedly defined the political blog and has been refining it as a form of journalism in real time nearly every day for the past decade.

When he started his outpost on the Web in 2000, long before political blogging became fashionable, he outdid even his über-productive Fleet Street precursors. Andrew wrote constantly, and obsessively, about everything from politics to his pet beagles. The Daily Dish, as he called it, became the place that took on the big moral questions of the day. Andrew raged (rightly) against the Bush administration’s conduct of the Iraq War and the awful spectacle of torture. Lately, he has taken up arms against Obama’s budget proposal, proving that he plays no favorites. This fearlessness and doggedness makes him a natural soul mate of The Daily Beast. Scrolling down Andrew’s blog helps to give orientation in the world, to get the smartest possible fix on the news at any given moment. A rarity, he is willing to admit mistakes and change positions (sometimes radically) in the face of new evidence. Little wonder he has built one of the most devoted followings on the Web, with 1.2 million unique visitors a month, 82 percent of them bookmarked.

Starting now, Andrew’s blog will occupy a new channel on The Daily Beast, and its continual updates will of course be billboarded on the site’s homepage. As versatile and powerful in print as he is online, Andrew will also become a contributor to Newsweek magazine. Our advertising team has attracted an unprecedented 74 major online ad campaigns in one year, and it will also sell The Dish’s ad inventory.

“The Daily Beast, in a mere two years, has made its mark on the Web, with over 6 million unique visitors last month, 60 million page views, and an eight-fold jump in ad revenue over the last year,” Andrew said. “It will give The Dish a whole new audience and potential for growth and innovation, and we hope to bring The Daily Beast’s content and esprit to devoted Dish readers as well.”

From the outset of our new marriage with Newsweek magazine, we have viewed the vigor, intelligence, and animal spirit of the news-obsessed, and just last week three-time ASME-nominated, Daily Beast as a key to the reinvigoration of this great brand. The addition of Andrew Sullivan to the roster of first-class talents is a testament to that commitment, and one that our 6 million readers will soon relish.

You can read Andrew's post on this exciting news here.

Tina Brown is the editor in chief of The Daily Beast and Newsweek. She is the author of the 2007 New York Times bestseller The Diana Chronicles. Brown is the former editor of Tatler, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and Talk magazines and host of CNBC's Topic A with Tina Brown .