Andy Cohen's Top 10 Bravo Moments from the Real Housewives to Top Chef

Andy Cohen—Bravo’s talk show host, programming chief, and the face of the network—curates video of his most beloved scenes of 2010, from Bethenny Frankel peeing in a bucket while in her wedding gown on Bethenny Getting Married to Teresa Giudice shoving Andy during the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion.>

Andy Cohen—Bravo’s talk show host, programming chief, and the face of the network—curates video of his most beloved scenes of 2010, from Bethenny Frankel peeing in a bucket while in her wedding gown on Bethenny Getting Married to Teresa Giudice shoving Andy during the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion.

These moments were all highlights—for different reasons—to me. They represent the really broad spectrum of shows on our schedule last year that dominated water-cooler conversation. What they all have in common is that they're all one of a kind characters doing one of a kind things.

Real Housewife Teresa Giudice Shoves Andy During a Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Show

What's funny is that moment barely registered when it happened because I was just so concerned with keeping the women on their couches so we could get through the show. The minute the promo for that moment started airing, the conversation and the buzz about my getting pushed like a rag doll became quite loud and amusing to me. It was the most physical that I've ever been with a housewife, actually, although Taylor kissed me on my show .

Bethenny Frankel Pees in a Bucket on Bethenny Getting Married

I love Bethenny. If she commits to something, she gives it her all, and that includes having cameras follow her life. In the moments before what looked to me like one of the most beautiful weddings, you see her just having a very real moment in the back where she's got to pee! She does what anyone would have to do—the great thing is that there were cameras there. I think she's real and genuinely who she is. For me, it was really the whole episode. It was great with the comedy and humor and vulnerability that came from that scene. The whole wedding was amazing and that was one piece of it. It was so romantic—I cried watching it.

The Real Housewives of New York City Marathon Reunion

The fact that we did a three-hour reunion, a three-hour telecast, and it was so highly rated and so riveting to so many people is a testament to the women and the drama that resulted from that season. I got so much positive feedback on the entire three hours. I just love it that we pulled it off and that people were like “I would have watched a fourth hour." I just think there was so much to work out and it was so raw. You had Jill Zarin falling on her sword at the end of the season where she had been vilified. You had she and Bethenny finally getting into it on camera and figuring out if they could ever be friends again, which ultimately it seemed like the answer was no at the end of the show. And, you had all of them trying to reason with Kelly Bensimon with questionable results.

The Top Chef All-Stars Prepare the Dish That Got Them Eliminated

That was the ultimate first challenge for this season, which is the ultimate season. There was a lot of debate about what the first challenge should be, but it was such a great reveal to the chefs. I think it was so fun for the audience to see them going back in at basically all the ending points of the show and having to re-do it. It was a lot of fun and it was a wink at the audience and at the chefs, but also a hard challenge. I think it was emotionally harrowing, more than necessarily culinarily harrowing because I think all of them had suffered some angst as a result of the dish that they were now being faced with again.

Abdi Farah Wins Work of Art

Abdi wore his heart on his sleeve; this was such a huge opportunity for him. He poured his heart into his work. The fans loved him. The judges loved him. David LaChapelle cried talking about his work. And, he had such a sweet relationship with his mother that played out in that final episode. It was just so heartwarming. Work of Art was a grand experiment that became a critic's darling in which we went out and searched for the next great artist, as we coined it. We had an amazing group of judges and talent competing on the show. It was a lot of fun, and it was something different, and it just got rave reviews. The fans loved it, too, and just went along for the ride. We wanted to do for art what we've done with cooking and fashion. Abdi was someone that the fans were rooting for and it was a great, sweet moment at the end of a long ride of creativity.

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Patti Stanger Sets Up The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Manzo Boys on The Millionaire Matchmaker

Patti really wanted to do it and the Manzo boys were game. It was Patti dealing with Caroline, and what Caroline wanted for the boys, and it was what the boys wanted, and it was putting the boys' dating techniques and social skills under a microscope for both Patti and Caroline. I think those are two strong women and it's always fun to see two strong women working together for the greater good. I think the Manzo boys are great guys, so I think they were really positive and nice to their dates.

Yigit Pura Wins Top Chef: Just Desserts

Yigit's so sweet and everybody loved him. There was so much drama that season, with that show, and with the contestants. First of all he's adorable, second of all he's super talented, and third of all he just kind of came from behind during the course of the show and the fans loved him. To the fans, it's fun for them when the nice guy comes out ahead.

Rachel and Brad Style Naomi Campbell On The Rachel Zoe Project

I love that episode—it was real drama. It was like Rachel and Brad were Naomi Campbell's bitches. It was Naomi Campbell and Mother Nature conspiring against Brad and Rachel, and then they pulled it off and it was very cool. Look, Rachel and Brad can freak out over a missing Fed Ex, so for them to have to pull together like a hundred looks while they're saving Haiti via Naomi's runway show was amazing.

NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak Duke It Out on Watch What Happens Live

This was one of our most viewed videos of the year on It was just an eight-minute fight from Kim in the Bahamas who heard that NeNe was trash talking her on my show and called in and they just went at it. I am sitting there just flabbergasted and amazed the whole time. It was just an eight-minute uncensored smackdown live! NeNe was hilarious—it was just nuts. As a matter of fact, we played Bravo Playhouse with Rebecca Romijn and Kenan Thompson and had them reenact that fight. It was dramatic and funny and hilarious and uncensored and real and intense.

Jeff Lewis Takes Zoila Chavez to New York on Flipping Out

Jeff brings Zoila to New York for her birthday. He has some meetings and it's her first time in New York. And you not only see inside Jeff and Zoila; you see the sweetness of this relationship between Jeff and this housekeeper, who's kind of a mother figure to him. It's just fun wish-fulfillment. He takes her on a shopping spree and to see her in Times Square just trying to hail a cab, it just puts a smile on your face. You see him being really hard on her, then you see the soft side come out with her, and you see just how sweet their relationship is.

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Andy Cohen is Bravo's executive vice president of original programming and development, responsible for overseeing the network's development and production slate of over two dozen shows. In addition, Cohen is the host and executive producer of Watch What Happens: Live , Bravo's late night, interactive, weekly talk show that features guests from some of Bravo's most popular series, as well as from the world of entertainment, politics and pop culture. Born in St. Louis, Cohen is a graduate of Boston University with a degree in broadcast journalism.