Angelina Knows How to Save Darfur

Last we heard about Angelina Jolie, she and Brad Pitt were denying split rumors and she was recovering from a minor on-set injury. Well, she managed to find time to add her two cents about what to do in Darfur. The actress—who just outranked Oprah Winfrey as the most-powerful celeb according to Forbes—published an editorial about Darfur in Time magazine on Friday, to coincide with the results of a United Nations Security Council inquiry. "Darfur has almost disappeared from the news, and experts now call it a 'low intensity' conflict," she writes. "But the intensity of the crisis has not lessened for those who are struggling to survive." She concludes: "Security Council Member states will be faced with a simple decision—to embrace impunity or to end it. As they are considering [Sudanese President Omar al Bashir's] fate they are also considering their own."