Anna Benson Implicated in ’96 Murder

Anna Benson, the troubled ex-wife of former Mets pitcher Kris Benson, was implicated in a murder in 1996—and the subject of a subsequent manhunt, New York’s Daily News reported on Sunday. According to the News, Benson was a 19-year-old known as Anna Warren living in Tennessee in an apartment described as “filthy” and covered with graffiti with her then-boyfriend Paul Dejongh, also 19. The lifeless body of 18-year-old Michael Evans was found in the apartment, with the pair apparently having fled. Benson was captured five months later and charged, first with murder and then with being an accessory, but both charges were dropped. After Dejongh was captured, he told police that Benson had told him to “get rid of” Evans before Dejongh shot him twice in the head. Benson, who once starred on the reality show Baseball Wives, currently faces charges of allegedly trying to rob her ex-husband at gunpoint.