We Hardly Knew Ye

Anna Chapman Traded for Four U.S. Spies

Did we at least get her number? Britain's Telegraph says that the “hottie spy,” Anna Chapman, will be returned to Moscow Thursday as part of a spy swap between the United States and Russia. Russian media is saying that the “special arrangement” will not be officially announced. Unfortunately, the United States won’t be getting any “hotties” in exchange—all four of the prisoners we’re set to receive back are men over the age of 45. In addition to Igor Sutyagin, an arms-control and nuclear expert who was convicted of giving info about Russia’s nuclear subs to the CIA in 2004, the United States will receive Sergei Skripal, a retired Russian colonel accused of working for MI6; and Alexander Zaporozhsky and Alexander Sypachev, two more former colonels accused of passing info to the CIA. Bloomberg says the exchange could go down in London.