Anna Sui's Sexy 'Gossip Girl' Dresses

It's finally happened: Gossip Girl has leapt from TV to reality. When Anna Sui announced she'd created a line of dresses for Target inspired by none other than Serena, Blair, Vanessa and Little J, the Upper East Side and beyond was sent into a tizzy-and you know there was some omnipotent narrator blogging furiously about the gossip behind the excitement. Scenes from the upcoming third season of the CW show were scheduled to be shot at the Anna Sui flagship store in Soho but were called off, and an unnamed source said it was due to Target's concern over being affiliated with the ever-racy show. But according to Target spokesperson Joshua Thomas, plans to release the line in 250 stores September 13 are still on track. "We are moving forward as planned with the four principal leads of 'Gossip Girl' as our creative muses," he told StyleList. "Unfortunately, there was misinformation passed around and we are still very excited about the collaboration." Phew!