Another 800 Irish Children, Under the Care of Nuns, Were Likely Secretly Buried, New Report Finds

The bodies of more than 800 Irish children who died in one of the country’s notorious ‘mother and baby homes,’ owned and run by Catholic nuns, were probably illegally buried, the Irish government has said in a new report. The nuns who ran the home say they do not know where the children are buried. The report said that while more than 900 children died in the Bessborough mother and baby home predominantly during the years 1940-1970, only 63 of the children were laid to rest in properly marked graves. The other children have not been located. Children’s minister Katherine Zappone appealed to anyone with knowledge of the practices at Bessborough to “let us know where they are buried,” saying: “Please come forward, tell the truth.” The report was triggered by the revelation, in 2014, that hundreds of children’s bodies were dumped in a disused drain system at another mother and baby home in Ireland. The report says that there is little basis for the theory that rather than having died, the children were ‘sold’ to America.