Anthony Weiner Accuser Meagan Broussard Speaks

Meet Meagan Broussard, 26, the woman who showed conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart the lewd images from Rep. Anthony Weiner. The single mother, who is a nursing student at the University of Texas said she “just chuckled” when she heard that Weiner had tweeted the inappropriate photo that set off the scandal. Broussard’s first communication with Weiner came when she clicked that she “liked” a YouTube video of him, and also commented “Hottttt” on the link. Weiner “almost immediately” added her as a Facebook friend and the communication between them began. “I don’t think he has any control over what he’s doing in this area,” Broussard said. Another woman, Lisa Weiss, 40 has come forward, saying Weiner called her from a government phone. Weiss, a Las Vegas blackjack dealer who has worked as a Democratic campaign manager, said Weiner is a "bad man ... and a liar," although she said she still supports him as a congressman.