On the Hill

Anthony Weiner Lawyers Up

Rep. Anthony Weiner wasn’t able to laugh away what he says was a hacking scheme that posted lewd photos to his Twitter account, so he’s lawyering up instead. Weiner has hired an attorney to explore “what civil or criminal actions should be taken,” according to his spokesman, who adds Weiner is “loath to treat” the incident as more than a prank, “but we are relying on professional advice.” At DailyKos, stef lays out the case for its being a hoax; also, the woman to whom the explicit photo was directed on Twitter says she has had no "inappropriate exchanges" with the representative and had been harassed by conservative activists for weeks before the incident. (One conservative activist, suspicously, even predicted in early May that the Dems would soon have a Chris Lee–like scandal.) The conservative blog The Prudence Paine Papers, however, uncovers some evidence of prior sketchiness from Weiner on Twitter, when a porn star said he had messaged her.