Anthony Zinni, U.S. Special Envoy Working on Qatar Dispute, Steps Down

Anthony Zinni, a special envoy to the Persian Gulf announced he was stepping down on Tuesday, making him the latest in a succession of top military officers to leave the Trump administration. President Trump once described “my generals” as key members of his administration, but now none of his original top officers remain. Zinni’s departure follows that of two other retired Marine generals working in the Trump administration—Jim Mattis, who resigned as defense secretary, and John F. Kelly, who left his post as White House chief of staff last month. Zinni’s role as envoy was to help resolve disputes in the Persian Gulf and build a strategic U.S. military alliance with Arab governments in the region. “General Zinni’s mission was to help introduce the concept of the Middle East Strategic Alliance and start a conversation with leaders in the region. That is happening and well underway thanks to his efforts,” the State Department said in a statement. “...General Zinni has told us he remains available should the need arise.”