Anti-Obama Sticker ‘Not Racist’

A woman from Georgia who was selling a controversial anti-Obama sticker has denied that it has any racial overtones. The sticker, which reads “Don’t Re-Nig 2012,” went viral in recent days as people were outraged by an apparent reference to the N word. In an exclusive interview with Forbes, seller Paula Smith said the sticker has been in her inventory since 2010 and she thought her website,, was “dead” until she noticed “Don’t Re-Nig in 2012” was suddenly selling. In an attempt to explain that the sticker isn’t racist, Smith said that the dictionary defines the N word to mean a “lazy, sorry, low down person,” and has nothing to do with whether a person is black or white. And besides, she added, “Obama is not even black. He’s got a mixture of race.” She also said she first started selling the sticker because she found it on the Internet and thought it was “cute.” Her site shut down after the sticker went viral.