Anti-Trump Women’s March Barred From Lincoln Memorial

When hundreds of thousands of people attend the women’s march on Washington next month, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, they will not be allowed at the site of so many historic protests of days past: the Lincoln Memorial. The National Park Service, on behalf of Trump’s inaugural committee, this week filed a “massive omnibus blocking permit” to make large portions of the national mall and Pennsylvania Avenue off-limits to public protests. The Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument will effectively be unavailable for protests for days and weeks before and after the Jan. 20 inauguration. NPS spokesman Mike Litterst said the decision was a practical one, considering the massive clearing of public spaces for inauguration festivities. “They’re construction zones, effectively,” he said of the off-limits areas. Several hundred thousand people have RSVP’d to attend the women’s march on Washington, which went viral on Facebook and lists its location as the Lincoln Memorial.