Apple Calls It ‘Courage’ to Remove Headphone Jack for iPhone 7

While explaining Apple’s controversial decision to not include a headphone jack for its upcoming iPhone 7, marketing executive Phil Schiller said “It comes down to courage,” setting off mockery from press and onlookers alike. By eliminating the traditional 3.5-millimeter audio jack from its new phone, Apple hopes to move consumers toward a “wireless future.” The iPhone 7 will ship with a pair of wireless earbuds that connect to the phone via Apple’s proprietary lightning port; as well as an adapter for those hoping to use their old wired headphones. Calling wired technology “ancient,” Schiller emphasized that without a headphone jack, newer phones can be smaller and more adept. Nevertheless, the “courage” line didn’t sit well with viewers of the Apple media event: “Oh come on, Apple. You’re removing a headphone jack, not storming Normandy,” wrote one prominent technology critic. The headphones, appropriately named AirPods, will cost $159 on their own and will begin shipping in October.